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Traveling Safety

Traveling is the best vacation. Acquaintance with a new culture, new people, sights, sounds, tastes - nothing compares to this. This may sound very boring, but when traveling to other countries, it is better to take certain precautions. We understand that you do not want to think about everything that can go wrong on a trip, but in real life troubles can happen! You can enjoy the adventure even more if you feel safe, so start collecting luggage and check out the tips for a safe trip from My Travel Safety

Each country has different mandatory vaccinations, so make inquiries about the ones you need. Take care of this in advance: individual drugs must be taken long before the trip, so that they begin to act effectively.

Scan important documents and send them to your email. Thus, in the event of loss or theft, you can easily access your medical records, passports, airline tickets and visas from your phone and computer!

Google it! Find out which regions are safe to visit and which are not. Explore local traditions and learn the language. We do not mean to master it perfectly in just a few weeks (if you succeed, you are well done), but only to understand the basics, which will be very useful on a trip.



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