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There is a saying in the fitness world and especially in bodybuilding that states that you are not born with a good physique but that this goal is achieved with an effective training system.

However, not all those who perform weight training develop the desired muscle mass, and this occurs because not all people have certain natural conditions that allow them to tolerate and adapt to demanding bodybuilding routines.

Thus, the orale steroide kaufen experts in fitness and bodybuilding recommend understanding your own body and based on that, schedule a workout adapted to your own nature, the only way to successfully reach certain real expectations.

A Good Physique is Achieved With an Effective Training System

Types of genetic structures

There are several types of genetic structures that allow you to easily gain or lose fat and muscle, and these are:

Mesomorph: It is the type of genetic structure that has great muscular development, with dense and large bones.

Endomorph: It is the genetic structure that has a significant accumulation of subcutaneous fat in almost the entire body. These people have a medium facility to gain muscle mass but a much higher facility to gain fat, and therefore, losing fat is more difficult for them.

Ectomorph: It is characterized by having a weak bone system, with finer wrists and ankles and a greater difficulty to gain fat and muscle mass.

How to achieve your goals and transform your body

If we are guided by the aforementioned data we can think that nothing can be done against genetics. However, it is possible to find a physical training system that is tolerable and facilitate the adaptation necessary to get to have a new muscular and well-formed body.

The first thing will be to define our objectives

  • Gain muscle.

  • Lose fat or define.

  • Gain strength.

Three fundamental pillars

The three fundamental pillars to achieve a good physique are:

  • Diet

  • training

  • Break.

Although there are other variables that may be important such as genetics or supplementation, if we base the plan on the three mentioned and give the necessary dedication, the achievements will be visible in a short time.

A Good Physique is Achieved With an Effective Training System

Set up the diet

The first thing to know is that there are foods that contain macronutrients and micronutrients, but the most important thing is to calculate well the calories that are needed daily based on metabolism and physical activity.

If the goal is muscle definition, it will be necessary to reduce calories, while if what is sought is to increase muscle mass, have more strength, it will again be necessary to add calories.

For each objective there are specific diets, there are them to lose fat and gain muscle, but it is also necessary to adjust the frequency and quantity of meals.

A good training system

A good training system is one that allows us to progress each session whether in loads, repetitions, shorter breaks, speed of execution, series, etc.

It will always depend on the particular objective, but it will also always be necessary to have a strength or muscle training, whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle.

There are also plenty of strength training, but a basic training is done with weights and consists of:

Warming up with aerobic exercise.
Weight training.

Afterwards, depending on the needs of each one, it is also possible to add sessions that include: continuous running, HIIT or circuits, or also stretching sessions to improve flexibility and joint mobility.

Before starting a training program, it is necessary to have a sports medical check-up that also includes joint mobility to avoid the risk of injury.

Before starting to add loads and work the force, it will be necessary to re-program the physical training and give the importance that rest deserves, since there are studies that have shown that there is a greater loss of fat and less loss of muscle tissue in people under a hypocaloric diet that sleeps 8 hours compared to those that sleep only 5 hours.



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